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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Hazel Grace has had lung cancer for three years, pulling an oxygen tank around and everything. Her mother enrolls her in a cancer support group because she thinks she's depressed. At first, Hazel hates the support group, until she meets Augustus Waters. And he changes her life forever.

This is not a book about cancer. It is not a depressing book with brain-dead characters. This book is light, funny, whole, and truthful. John Green is a fucking genius. The whole book is filled to the brim with amazing quotes (by him) and powerful sayings. It asks the very question; Why? Why do you have to leave a mark on the world? Why do you need your sight to play a video game? Why do all cancer books have to be slow and depressing? Good grief, why do scrambled eggs have to be a breakfast food?!.
It's the very essence of why in a funny, yet powerful way. The power and emotion put onto these pages is raw and real, and I absolutely adored it. The ending, of course, was sad. What do you expect from the cancer book? I certainly had not expected what I found in this story.

Sometimes, when I finish a book, while I sit there thinking about it, geering myself up for a review, I occasionally think of a 'credits' song for the book. A song that pops into my head, or I listen to after I finish a book. When I was 17 pages away from finishing the book, Goodbye by Avril Lavigne came into my head, which goes;

Goodbye...gooodbyeee, goodbye, my love. I can't hide, caan't hide, what has to come. I have to go, I have to go, I have to go, and leave you all alone...but always know, always know, that I love you so. I love you so.

But then I thought, Gus would hate a cheesy song like that. So then All I Need by AWOLNATION came into my head. Which is lighter, and not necessarily a death song. It goes;

All I need, all all I need, all I need, all I need....It's early in the morning. I'm laughing at the sun. My mirror disappoints me. Am I the only one? It's all I need, All I need, all I need,
Is You.
Smiling. All all I need, all all I need, all I need, is
With you.
Am I a disappointment? I blame it on the pain. All I need, all I need, all all I need,
Is You.
All I need
Is Life.
With you.

This book truly blew me away, I am officially a huge fan of Mr. Green. And now I have an autograph by him, in purple.
Read the damn book, for Pete's sake.



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