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Book Review of Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

2.5 Stars

In a world where firemen are paid to burn books and the houses they're in, Guy Montag meets a girl who questions his happiness as a fireman. Guy begins to think differently, to have a sudden desire to read the books instead of burning them.
But in Montag's universe, even owning a book is dangerous. But Guy now thinks that maybe books aren't so bad, and wants to know why everyone is so afraid of them.

This book had so much potential. I was actually excited to read it because it sounded so fantastic. As I read the description, I thought; "A shorter, older version of The Book Thief set in an alternate world? Yes yes yes!"

For me to like a book, it has to give me a good first impression. After fifteen pages, this book did not.
Unfortunately, what had such a good beginning rambled on into a confusing, boring mess that, in some parts, made me sick to my stomach, and other parts, made me go;


I'm looking at you, Mildred.

It had a couple good parts. I liked the third part the most. If I were only going on that section of the novel, I'd give this three stars.
The writing was okay at first but after Clarisse was gone, it immediately turned into incoherent descriptions and weird as fuck characters.
I actually did like Clarisse and Faber. All of the other characters were flat and uninteresting.

Another thing I had a major problem with was the world building. When it wasn't irritatingly confusing, it was highly unrealistic. Books will never stop selling completely just because a few flashy gadgets or magazines brainwashed people into not liking them anymore. There are way too many people out there who love and will never let go of books. They've been around far too long to just get washed out by technology and 'clever government tricks'.

I realize that this is one of the factors the book was trying to point out. But it still wasn't a believable world (all the people in it besides the main characters were all dumb as sheep, apparently. It reminded me of a world that The Doctor needed to save because all the humans were imbeciles being brainwashed by the government, or in this case, the firemen) and that bit alone drove me nuts.
I really wish I liked this more but I just didn't.



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Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/609600088